18th International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers a Success Despite World Economic Situation

The 18th International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers (POF 2009) held in Sydney, Australia, Sept 7-11, 2009, continued the tradition of new POF technical developments and high-quality presentations. The organizers — Maryanne Large, Leon Poladian, and Alex Argyros of the University of Sydney — did a superb job of organizing a first-class program despite the state of the world economy. In addition, they added a number of new innovations that hopefully will become fixtures in future POF conferences.

These included:

  1. POF Workshops held Monday and Tuesday on "POF Modelling" and "Microstructured POF," attended by 30 participants.
  2. Student paper contest and award in honor of Prof. Pak Chu, who has made numerous contributions to the growth of POF technology.
  3. A POF Art contest
  4. A post-deadline session, which proved to be one of the highlights of the conference.


Attendance at the conference topped 120 from 19 countries:

  • - Australia: 34     
  • - Japan: 13
  • - Spain: 9
  • - Germany: 8
  • - Korea: 6
  • - U.S.: 6
  • - Others: 4

The attendees were from industry, universities, and research organizations:

  • - Universities: 71
  • - Companies: 39
  • - Other: 10

Abang Annuar Ehsan from theInstitute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics, Malaysia (left) with speaker, Dr. Paul Polishuk of IGI Group and POFTO.

Social events included a boat trip around beautiful Darling Harbour and conference dinner at the WatersEdge, just under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Highlights of the technical program follow.

Examples of invited papers:

-      POF Markets and Applications: A Worldwide View" — Industry POF market could be 2-10 times larger, if industry promotes in 40 different markets
-      The Giga Home project — Japanese government plans to invest $95 million into new "Fiber to the Display" Project
-      Prof. Koike reports on a new co-extrusion process for GI-POF
-      POF Sensors
-      Distributed POF Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring and Field Test Results
-      Non-Linear-Optical and Photo-mechanical Phenomena in dye doped Polymer fibers as the Basis for making Ultrasmart Materials
-      Terahertz Waveguides
-      POF-PLus Project: towards Gbps Transmission over SI-POF for Home Networking
-      Biomedical Applications of POF
-      Earthquake Sensing: Polymer Optical Fiber Sensors for Large Deformation Strain Measurements
-      POF Hardware Analysis
-      Polymer Optical Fibers for Architectural Illumination

Post-deadline papers:

-      Error Free transmission over 37 meters of Microstructured POF at 5Gbps using Visible Light
-      Design of Highly Thermal Resistant Step index POF for Automobile LANs
-      Perfluorinated Low Bending Loss Gi-POF for Home Use
-      Silk Fibroin Photonics: An Ancient Fiber see new light

The next ICPOF conference will be held October 19-21, 2010, at the Keio University Campus in Yokohama, Japan (See www.pof-con.org/ICPOF2010.html) Copies of this year's proceeding are available from Information Gatekeepers Inc.